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Originally Posted by Dominator2 View Post
Having flown a few different Models, IMHO, the F4M (FGR2) was overall the most capable F4 Phantom. The minor limitations of the Spey were more than overcome by the weapons and weapons system. Lookdown Shootdown in RAFG in the 70s was a unique capability. Until the mid 70s Strike, LL Night All Weather Attack and Recce were all the order of the day. A Slotted Stab, Drooped Ailerons and Rapid Reheat would have been nice additions at a minor cost.

The YF-4M XT 852 did indeed have drooped ailerons and the slotted stab (I am not sure whether or not the other YF-4M, XT 853, did or did not). Therefore, it would be interesting to know why the production F-4Ms did not. 852 died on the scrap heap at West Freugh having flown relatively few hours (probably less than 1000); it was a great airframe when it was still flying and we used to borrow it at Boscombe from BAe from time to time. Very happy days!

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