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LOMCEVAK, My comments were slightly tongue in cheek. Yes , a clean F4 did accelerate quite well in Full A/B and may catch the unwary! I seem to recall that we could be airborne in 2500ft and land in 2000ft using slightly different techniques.

On an acceleration to M2.0 if the Trop was reached too early a second climb at above M1.3 (Ramp Schedule) and a 3-5 unit pushover would achieve M2.0.

BEagle, A shame that for the short time you flew the F4 it was so limited in was was allowed.

At the same time (1981-1986) in the USAF on 1964 built D Models and 1975 built E Models we operated to the makers limits. Yes, we could still pull 8g with a very low fuel weight. Those of us who were lucky enough to fly the F4 Phantom (all Models) to their limits were the luckiest people alive. The aircraft, in its time, was one of the all time greats.

Having flown a few different Models, IMHO, the F4M (FGR2) was overall the most capable F4 Phantom. The minor limitations of the Spey were more than overcome by the weapons and weapons system. Lookdown Shootdown in RAFG in the 70s was a unique capability. Until the mid 70s Strike, LL Night All Weather Attack and Recce were all the order of the day. A Slotted Stab, Drooped Ailerons and Rapid Reheat would have been nice additions at a minor cost.

Video Mixdown, I totally agree with you comments concerning gums posts
May I say how much I for one enjoy your posts. Interesting, knowledgeable and authoritative, but at the same time so passionate and evocative that it feels like were in the cockpit with you. Much respect
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