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I'm highly envious of the speed limits some are quoting on this thread! By the time I flew the F-4 (usually in 'C' fit) in the late '70s, we were limited to around 500KIAS, but I think that in 'B' fit it was 600? We also had a g limit of around +4 and spent most of the time at 350KIAS or less due to the fuel 'moriarty'. Then once a year the tanks came off and we were allowed a bit more speed and g at Deci', but that could come as quite a shock when you've had to potter about at such pedestrian limits for most of the year.

I recall a 527th Aggressor pilot asking why I hadn't tried to defeat his tracking with a 'guns jink' - when I told him of our restrictions, he asked what the heck the RAF was playing at by limiting us in such ways.....
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