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I did once scrape the tips of the horizontal stab on take-off.
I believe that the recommended technique was Full Aft Stick until the nose started to rise and then move the stick forward to hold the takeoff pitch attitude 8-12deg. The aircraft "should" then fly off the ground smoothly. This would even allow a wingman to stay in position during a formation takeoff!

Even with the correct calculations there was a lot of variation due to such factors as nose oleo pressure and C of G.

Your advice about the Forward Sparrow and C of G is correct and was introduced as part of the "dulling down" process. As the ac became ever more G limited and fatigue became an issue, HQ 11Gp looked for anything to reduce over stresses. Yes, without the Fwd Sparrow the ac was even more pitchy, however, once practiced it was a joy to fly. The Ballast Sparrow just made it heavier and less responsive.
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