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Originally Posted by ORAC View Post
As I was saying....

Of interest is that Russia is massing troops not only on the eastern border, but also to the south in Crimea. Which could signal yet another attempt to seize a land corridor in the south fin king not only Crimea and Russia but also Trans-Dniester in Moldova (which is why its interesting Racedo mentions it even though there has been no recent activity there. ). Which will cause substantial concern yet again concerning Odessa, which is the 3rd largest city in Ukraine and its major seaport (Odessa is 68% ethnic Ukrainian, and 25% ethnic Russian)


Russia warns NATO against deploying troops to Ukraine


Russia warns new Donbass conflict could 'destroy' Ukraine, NATO rebukes Moscow
Er they already have a corridor across the Kerch Straits with a bridge that takes Road and Rail traffic.

I mention Transniestra because there are Russian military based there.

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