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A fine Cuban cigar for M.Mouse and his superior plumbing skills!!
Seeing that drawing makes total and complete sense, it seems so simple and logical doesn't it when someone has worked it all out for you!

I do take on board the comment from Andrewgr2 about an uphill flow under pressure from the pump being OK, as both our washing machine and dishwasher have worked for years with the wastewater going quite a ways uphill, but given that the water softeners installation manual said to ensure the hose exit is below the spout I thought it best to plan for that.

As for double_barrel saying that preparation and planning take all the fun out of tasks like this!
Well folks, I'll just say that mirth and merryment were in painfully short supply when the Camp Commandant (aka wife) was informed that her lovely kitchen which was renovated at considerable cost a few years back would have to undergo "some minor modifications" to accommodate the water softener which incidentally I had neglected to inform her had already been purchased.

And finally, I have a neighbour to thank for suggesting I borrow a jig saw to make the cupboard modifications, rather than the electric chain saw I have that I had at one point considered!
Chain saws and renovated kitchens do not sit easily together, and would test the strongest marriage.
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