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I have two large flags hanging in my stairwell - actually, over the sitting room door pro tem as I've just washed them - they are the Welsh Red Dragon as I am a quarter Welsh, and St Piran's Flag as I was born in Cornwall (a happenstance of paternal occupation) and consider myself first and foremost Cornish. If I had room I would happily display the Cross of St George and the Union Jack - it does piss me off that a vocal few try to denigrate either flag - it's just "virtue signalling" to use the modern parlance.

I have some near neighbours who often display an interesting flag which I don't recognise - I'm pretty sure it is a Pakistani regional flag; one of these days I'll ask them. They are proud of their heritage, as indeed I am of mine and I would think a country that doesn't have some shameful episodes in its history is rare indeed.
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