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It comes as no surprise to read the views of many who would be only too happy to see the transformation of policing by consent to a paramilitary organisation along with the erosion of civil liberties.

Leaving aside "rent a mob", whose actions are unelated to any cause, other than their own penchant for violence for it's own sake ( can also be seen / found as supporters of the "beautiful game " ) as other contributors have said, the contents of this bill are intended to suppress the majority of demonstrators who attend to express their principles freely. Such expressions of freedom and protest do not conform with the ideology of a Gov't with populism as one of its core values.

Recent reports have. of course. exonerated the police from blame and here I would stress I've always been supportive of the police and the rank and file officers who represent the organisation to the public, however, they have to act on orders. And if those orders come from the Gov't. in the form of he charmless Ms Patel, then it's not difficult to suggest there are those within the upper ranks of the police service who would be only too willing to facilitate her policies.

Of course, it does help if you can get the public on your side in this respect and what better way than mis / disinformation , this worked very well where Brexit was concerned after all, so it is indeed "hugely regrettable " when the fallacies are exposed. There again, Avon and Somerset's not so finest do have a well established capability for making spectacular cock ups.

A couple of items for those who prefer to ignore the insidious dangers of this bill.

Bristol police chief accepts force was slow to correct protest injury claims | Bristol | The Guardian

Police watchdog accused of skewing report to back protests clampdown | Police | The Guardian
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