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I am not sure why a school in an inner city would chose to do it ?
Why not ? It's an English school in an English city, Innit ?

"When in Rome .......... e.g. if you want to live in England, put up with English ways that you, or your forebears, found so attractive to encompass. QED.

A million years ago - it seems - I sent my two sons to a "stereotype" English Preparatory school in deepest Dorset. At one point, the school being short of money, the headmaster said he could solve the problem by accepting many Iranian pupils that rich Iranian parents were constantly trying to enroll, to give their offspring an "English" education, but then, once he had filled the school with Iranians, it would no longer be the "English" school that those Iranian parents desired for their children. Although he took a few Iranian pupils - to help his balance sheet, he wasn't that stupid - he steadfastly maintained the English majority.
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