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I've never heard of child/infant seatbelts for aircraft. Infants may be carried on a passenger's lap (not belted in with them) subject to national aviation regulations. Aircraft seatbelts are required to be TSO approved, and the TSO (C22g) does not mention child or infant belts, so I presume there is not TSO for them, therefore "other" seatbelts would not meet the TSO, and are ineligible for use in an airplane.

I too carried my kids. Each in their own seat belted in from 4 years old and up, and my infant daughter in a car child seat, belted in to a seat. If you find a seatbelt which is approved (FAA/CAA/EASA) for this type of use, please do post about it here, it'll be worth knowing about, but I won't be surprised if none are there to be found...
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