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Apologies for more, I can see I am going to get a few people asking as lockdown ends!

So, if he has the hours for his LAPL as laid out below from CAA web site, he just has to do an hour with an instructor - not a LPC with an examiner - to get his LAPL valid again. And then a GST whenever he wants within reason - for his NPPL.


The privileges of your licence will only remain valid if in the last 2 years you have met any of the following conditions as pilots of aeroplanes or TMGs:
  1. have completed at least 12 hours of flight time as PIC or flying dual or solo under the supervision of an instructor, including:
    12 take-offs and landings;
    refresher training of at least 1 hour of total flight time with an instructor;
  2. have passed a LAPL(A) proficiency check with an examiner. The proficiency check programme shall be based on the skill test for the LAPL(A);
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