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Originally Posted by Ixixly View Post
A little digging and it seems like this is legit, very recently launched. Basically, they're a Recruitment site that specialises in Pilots and I'm on the fence as to how well it will do, appears to be a Pilot that has started it themselves which is definitely an upside, don't want to share the name but you'll find it easily enough if you want to.

Can definitely see how this would be desirable for Small - Medium GA Outfits looking for Pilots with specific qualifications and without having to dive through the usual mountains of Resumes that get sent through and who don't have any sort of official HR. Honestly, an interesting concept, and I do wish them all the best if they're reading this!
I don’t agree with this concept. Is the selection agency uniquely qualified in this field? What do they charge?
In a relatively small company with no HR, the Chief Pilot should be able to speed-read the most relevant applications. Prepare a short list and pass to the CEO, who will sometimes sift them further.
The general idea should be to weed out the wankers (the ones with the full cover page photo in gold bars and another 10 pages of totally irrelevant non aviation waffle) which can be done by allocating one minute per resume at the initial cull. Favour the ones that address the advertised selection criteria in a logical manner; chuck the rest because they demonstrate a lack of comprehension or unwillingness to tailor their resume to address the employer’s needs.
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