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The weight and balance section of the POH/AFM lists all the installed equipment and required equipment .
One of the reasons why the POH is required on a flight as it has all the required equipment is listed in the weight and balance section of a newer approved POH . Older owner manuals are the reason and basis of most lawsuits against the manufacturers.
There is no need for a secret squirrel decoding ring while using the newer POH . If equipment is listed in the weight and balance and it is unserviceable it is a no go. The no go decision has already been made for you by the certification process . You may not fly it without a ferry permit .

That said I flew a 421 that did not have any weight and balance information in the owners manual . So we got an updated POH from Cessna and always carried the approved weight and balance sheet for quick reference . Nice airplane , but good luck finding an engine shop .
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