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Type Certificate Data Sheets, and STC's are the absolute foundation of how an aircraft (or engine or propeller) is approved. Unfortunately, they are rarely seen by pilots, and even maintainers don't read them as much as they should. I issue STC's for a living, and so regularly consider what's to be written on the STC certificate, what's to be written on a flight manual supplement, and what's to be presented to the pilot (or maintainer) as a placard. The regulators are getting a bit more risk adverse, and requiring that if a mod requires a serious placard (usually as a limitation) that it must be repeated in a flight manual supplement. Okay.... 'just more paper.

Sometimes for a changed aircraft supplement, I'll draft the required flight manual supplement with a comprehensive section 7, Systems Description, so that the pilots are provided the required understanding of differences. Some of these also come up in emergency and abnormal procedures too, and become if not "memory items" at least "stop and review the correct procedures, before you start flipping switches, 'cause it's different now.". I entertain (or alarm) myself when riding jump seat in the airplane, by casually asking the pilots if they'd read the flight manual supplement for the mod we're about to go and test fly. I often get a casual "nah....", to which my response is: "Well, I'd appreciate if you would, I wrote it, and I'd like to be sure you know what's in it! I'm along for this flight, so I can talk you through it, but if I'm not sitting back here, you'll have to get it right on your own, and it's different to the basic plane.". That always draws some consideration....

I know it's a lot of boring reading, but it's amazing the gems of information which can be found in the TCDS, TCDS Special Conditions, STC's, FMS, ICA's, and AD's. It's people like me (for better or for worse) who write them!
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