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Apropos Stall warners I've been hankering after one for my S6 Rans having previously 'enjoyed' the leading edge tab device on my 1963 Jodel.
Up to these revealing posts not only were kits a bit pricey, but entailied drilling into the leading edge, and more !
The rans Main Spar is an Ali tube leading edge and I've no wish to attack it, especially near the fuselage.

So thinking out loud !
Could a pipe, cunningly curved, be introduced externally to the wing - with an aperture forward facing and its tail end feeding a pitot type hose leading to a cabin reed horn near my head ?
I don't mind experimentind with pipe and sticky tape, but a heads up would be appreciated on the C150/172 system.dimensions i.e. How far out (%) along the wing is the hole, what area ? &,
Is it right on the wing nose centre or a little above or below ?
I know I can drive off to an airfield and seek permission to have a good look at an example but Covid restrictions frustrate that at present.

Regards, mikehallam. (England).

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