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5.1 - Rejected take-off at a reasonable speed - M

But this doesn't do it. What is a reasonable speed? It should be in the context of a true abort situation, when the aircraft is very light on the ground and the handling required is completely different.? The student will have demonstrated nothing of value regarding a take off if it is not done at or just before the actual lift off speed. For High Performance and Multi-engine types this is specified to be done at V1.

Whilst the aircraft is very light at V1 the aircraft can be considered floating: braking hard may cause a complete loss of control, as if on ice, with a high chance of leaving the runway, if the nose is pushed down the aeroplane becomes quite simply a wheelbarrow. both of these ills are taught by many instructors in briefing. These errors are not taught in my experience by high performance and multi-engine aeroplane.instructors in their briefing or in flight. If they bother that is to teach aborts on SEPL aeroplanes.
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