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Certainly a lot of emotion in some of the posts in this forum. However, the crux as I see it is that the Govt is making some efforts to try and re-establish travel confidence and provide a means for people to travel out of state for selected routes that will embrace tourism for those states and tourist industries wishing to try and get themselves back on their feet. Being in WA at the moment I see they are ofcourse not really that I treated in such measures because ..well...it's WA and they offer discount to Broome that is it! However I have taken advantage of 198 dollars return for X3 flights ex PER to ADL, fun can be had, I can contribute toward the SA tourist goal and have as a consequence booked x9 nights hotels, will eat and be merry as bet I and my travel companions can. It's not perhaps going to save QF jobs but surely every little.bit does help and for me on a personal note it's gonna be good to be back in the air again. I miss being a pax even if I still have to pop on a mask and I need to get some One World Status points!
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