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Originally Posted by dead_pan View Post
Surely that bit of the Venn diagram which shows what the Herc can do which the A400 cannot is pretty small and diminishing (much as I love the Herc, growing up as I did under the shadow of Lyneham)?

As for SF uses, there are plenty of off-the-shelf civvy options which could meet that need (Kodiak, Caravan - hell even the mighty Skyvan!). Why not add this capability to JSFAW as they did with the Dauphin?
MV-22 for JSFAW. Simiilar/ longer range, than a CH47? Big enough for the majority of SF taking, faster than a CH47, para capable, able to get into confined areas, smaller and more agile than a herc- less observable, fast rope capable, USL- only thing I guess the herc- beats it on is range?

Might be able to afford one or two?
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