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Originally Posted by scifi View Post
I am very pessimistic about the future of GA in this country. Covid is not going to go away, so Fly-Ins will not be possible. Also many of the older fliers will just hang up their goggles, as flying with passengers might be a problem.
With the reduced amount of flights, there is a reduced amount of revenue for flying clubs, so even if the airfield cafe's can open, they will most likely not switch the heating on.

There may come a time when airfield facilities will be reduced and some may have to close entirely.. Use it or loose it, applies.
Gliding clubs are much the same, who wants to pay a yearly subscription if launch teams cannot operate.
Why would Fly-Ins not be possible? A perfect socially distanced social event!

And between the lockdowns schools were reportingt they were busy, with new recruits as well as pent up demand from existing students.
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