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Nope. Still showing 11th Feb 2021 advice on the DfT web site, as of close of play Tues 23rd Feb.
We're a long way down the food chain from golf and gyms, so not expecting any helpful advice any time soon.
Yesterday was the first nice day for a while, so we had 4 aircraft out of the hangar for essential maintenance, instructor currency and a lesson for a student doing a commercial. Had a phone call from the Council, a local resident had complained asking them why we were flying. We had similar from the local police on the previous flyable day a couple of weeks ago. Both bodies went away satisfied but it does show we have to be prepared to justify everything we do.
Never mind the hordes of vehicles with up-country registrations with top-boxes on last week, presumably 1/2 termers visiting their 2nd homes...

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