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It seems to be a 2 day process - and although otherwise stated - they expect you to be prepared.

1. day)
- Some kind of ATPL, english, multitasking and coordination tests (PC)
- Group scenarios

If successful

2. day)
- Simulator session on random aircraft simulators available @ that time
- personal interview

Close colleague went through that process and his recommendations were:

- use your time!!! -train yourself with some kind of general software / books in: general Aviation / ATPL knowledge + SIM (f.e. your old OM-S, SOPs, SkyTest ! , MS FlightSim, X-Plane, Aviation Interview Books)
- train your math + physics skills: mental arithmetics, basic physics - seek some kind of books / software that helps you with that.

- don't defend or discuss your "old" SOP's with the guys @ EAT - adapt their SOP's asap
- know the history of AeroLogic + the basics of the B777 in comparison to your old aircraft
- the usual stuff. "Why do you want to work for us? / What makes you the right choice? / What is it that should convince us to employ you? / are you prepared to live / work in LEJ? / What will your family say if you are away for 10 + days in HKK ?, Why did you - or didn't you have a PTU or a LTU unit in your A/C before, what were challenging situations in your career, etc..."
- use what is available on the Inet (Software + Books) . Others will do so too. The investment is worth it - for AeroLogic or any other company you might join.

Good Luck !

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