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OK folks. I have found extensive discussion of the query I have raised on another internet forum. Although it is reported there that the CAA is still working on the matter, it appears that the best summary (by ls8pilot on 14/2/21) of the present situation is as follows:

"Holders of UK-Part FCL licences may fly (part 21 or non-part 21) aircraft with a PMD, provided they can sign up to the PMD statements for aircraft <5,700Kg; That is to say the conditions in parts a)-e) under "Holders of UK national and Part-FCL Licences, to fly any aircraft less than 5700kg MTOM" here https://www.caa.co.uk/general-aviati...rivate-pilots/

What has gone is the ability for UK-Part FCL licence holders to fly (any aircraft) using the reduced requirements under "Holders of UK national licences only, to only fly aircraft no greater than 2000 kg MTOM" in the above document.

So if you have a PMD, and meet the extended requirements, you are OK, but if you do not meet them then you (currently) require a formal medical. As has been mentioned we're all hoping this is a temporary status while the collective legal minds get their kn***kers un-twisted!

Confused ? You bet"

Imho, it is a nonsense that a LAPL holder can no longer take advantage of the 2000kg MTOM alleviation to fly non-Part 21 aircraft. Let's hope the CAA sorts this before lockdown ends!

PS Think I will write that letter to Grant Shapps after all.
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