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The underlying shortage is there, lurking. Maybe not in Australia but it will return to bite world wide, the variable? When?

- How many pilots that are facing a 2 to 3 year stand down will say '**** it, I'm done' when it's time to return?
- A shit load more pilots than expected in the US have taken early retirement, check the number of RV kits sold to get the exact numbers
- Airlines like Cathay that have taken a stick to the Pilots will struggle BIG TIME to crew their aircraft when things turn.
- When the middle east airlines ramp up, they will mean business and other airlines will wear it crew wise.

Have a look at UPS in the States. They are struggling now (while the economy is supposedly ******) to keep up with the training reqs. The number they need now to replace retirements alone is huuuuuge (Daryl Eastlake).

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