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Marketing and brand are separate entities. They are connected of course but still their functions are not the same. Not that I want to go down this route.

The Ryanair brand is of the most recognisable but not held in high regards as can be seen by the customer reviews and lists produced over the decades, in fact it comes out at the bottom of many.

I was sat in a sauna a year or two ago and the talk was European holidays and fights. One guy said he would never fly Ryanair, and was denigrating them. I just mentioned that if they, FR , had a flight from A to B and was cheaper would he book FR, well he replied he would use them.

This was a real situation, not a story. It illustrates to me that no matter what the majority of customers will choose the airline that has the route and the reasonable price he will take it.

Horses for courses, Ryan have a pretty extensive stable and their threatening further expansion, must be a concern for other aviation companies.
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