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I am confused here. My expectation is that if I pre book say 10 lessons to get a cheaper rate, then why would cancellations outside my control mean I might lose them? Weather is weather, maintenance of aircraft is not my fault. If I don't turn up, I'd expect to lose out, but is there something I'm missing about the way flight schools operate?
It's pretty standard advice on the past the unwary have lost sizeable chunks of money paying for whole flying courses upfront only to see their money go up in smoke when said flying school goes busto...which has happened a lot!

That said, a financially aware person can mitigate this risk in a number of ways (and thus take advantage of block booking discounts).

Due diligence on the flying school (some have been around for decades and are perfectly financially sound)
Paying in small blocks and using them quickly.
Paying by credit card to to get Section 75 credit card cover (there are rules to be followed here and you need to check the detail of the payment processor to ensure coverage).
Advance Payment Protection insurance may be an option especially if you can pay for the lessons through a company.

If you can't be assed to do go through the nause of doing any/all of the above (and you're not rich ) then yeah, just pay cash as you go along.
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