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GlobalNav, somewhere - perhaps a staff of one of the pertinent Congressional committees, or in the civil service cadres of Dept of Transportation (including now the new hot-shot wunderkinds brought along with the new Secretary), or amongst the many attorneys working in the several active lawsuits against Boeing - there "should" be someone who knows the status. That is, the status of what documents which have come to light from various investigations and reporting, and what documents have been produced by Boeing or other discovery respondents in the various suits.

I know that in some types of cases with multiple lawsuits by different parties, there can be useful coordination so that discovery document production is shared across the cases. Whether this is happening here, I don't know and shouldn't speculate.

As I have posted before the FAA reform legislation passed at the end of the most recent Congress did envision an overhaul of several aspects of how FAA does business. Not wanting to devote time to mastering the details and intricacies of the legislation itself - which would tend to cause posts here to be even more off-piloting track and annoying - I can't say much more. But again, as is true with the documents slowly emerging from the Boeing shadows, presumably some bright staff member or attorney someplace is quarterbacking this whole drama.

I can't leave the post without saying, some of the stuff quoted in the WSJ article today has a high cringe factor. I mean, it's so unlawyerly to say I'm mad as h*ll and I'm not going to take it anymore. One gets the sense that the proverbial windows of opportunity available to cause meaningful reform or restructuring to take place already were limited in both scope and availability, and the situation will get only more stark as time lapses on by.
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