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To be perfectly honest, I doubt that you have seen comments like that from credible people who are aware of the state of the art. I agree that it's a potential problem that if you are directly involved in the current state-of-the-art, you tend to focus on the benefits of your pet project, but there are plenty of very knowledgable people who understand the principles but have no dog in the fight. For a start, anyone who is described only as a Dr, surgeon etc can be discounted if they stray out of straightforward clinical matters. I seem to remember a bunch of mad medics claiming that hyrdroxychloroquin was a certain cure for COVID and that we were being lied to for political reasons! That was disgraceful behaviour by people who I presume really are medics.

It is a simple fact that vaccines in general have had massive beneficial impact - they are one of the 3 or 4 most important medical developments that have transformed our lives. That really is indisputable, the anti-vax movement is criminally stupid and/or irresponsible. Sure, there are legitimate questions about details of new methods and the necessary risk/benefit equation, and we can and should be able to discuss them openly. In fact, that is exactly what the various national approval bodies attempt to do. But the noise of nonsense out there with as much credibility as the flat earthers or moon landing deniers are doing huge damage.
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