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Trevs99uk much of what you say is incorrect and misleading.

G-BOVIS you should check your licence for an expiry date. There was a short period when they were issued with such and I have come across a number of them. If there is not an expiry date in the licence then it will be a lifetime licence. You will have to undergo such training that the ATO or DTO that you choose so decides plus undertake the, new to you, PPL Skill test. Your renewed PPL will give you full international privileges unless you choose to have an alternative licence. Assuming you successfully pass your Class 2 medical then why not have the full ICAO compliant licence equal to the privileges of your already held licence.

The examiner will decide whether you will need to do the full Skill Test or an abridged one. The ATO/DTO will advise. You will not have to renew your RT licence even if it shows an expiry date. Having previously held one then it is enough under current rules and you will be credited with the RT privileges as part of the new up to date life time UK licence. You will be issued with the SEP class rating. The main difference for you is that we now have a licence plus a type and/or a class rating.

An examiner cannot issue or renew a licence following the skill test. They can only re-validate or renew a rating when applicable, in your case it is not. The CAA will therefore issue your new licence in the current format and additionally the applicable rating.

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