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Originally Posted by Whopity View Post
CAP1369 applies to non EASA GA aircraft, that would not include the aircraft quoted ie 172/182/PA28. Whilst EASA aircraft no longer exist in the UK, they are now classified as Part 21 aircraft and the EASA rules have been ported into UK Law so the 300g rule would apply.
Thanks Whopity. I think there is a general incorrect assumption that as we're no longer in EASA that everything is therefore a 'non-EASA' aircraft by default.

Having a trawl through CS-STAN (CS-SC403a) pages 61/62 the rules are pretty much identical save for an increased weight allowance. The EASA policy makes it much clearer as to its application to portable equipment removed at the end of each flight.

I'm guessing this has been imported lock-stock into UK Legislation??

I've attached the document to this thread for anyone asking similar questions who might stumble across this in the future or for anyone who suffers with insomnia
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