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CAP1369 Camera mounting

Hi all,
In 2016 the CAA introduced rules on camera mounts on light aircraft needing sign off by an LAE. It also imposes a weight limit of less than 250g for combined camera and mount (interestingly enough EASA give an extra 50g to play with, stipulating a 300g limit). So, I want to use my GoPro hero 9 with a portable non permanent swivel clamp which attaches to which ever aircraft I hire on that particular day and to be removed at the end of each flight. The issue is the latest action cameras like the GP9 plus a clamp are impossible to keep within 250g! The camera alone is 160g plus an extra 10g for the retaining bolt leaving only 80g to play with for a clamp and lanyard
1. Does a clamp that is removed at the end of each flight need LAE sign off?
2. If its impossible to keep under 250g whats the alternative way to get a sign off which is non-specific to any light aircraft i.e. 172/182/PA28 whichever I hire on the day??
3. Any advice is much welcomed

If there are any other threads re this, I have looked but cannot find!

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