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Originally Posted by mikehallam View Post
My Goodness,
Leave the bloke be, he's already taken his punishment...
4K to a bloke with a PC12 and a million in the bank is like 20p fine for the average UK, locked-down, probably furloughed, possibly redundant punter. Like the 10K fines issues to so-called celebs for busting the max6 rules at parties, this is just an inconvenient "take-the-piss" tax. Probably saved 4K when he didn't bother even going to the hearing!

Punishment should be scaled so it impacts wealthy PC12 owners *at least* as much as the skint bloke with a 1985 Cavalier for transport. Probably more so, as they *should* know better.

This is the sort of cockwomble that posts memes about Dominic Cummings and Barnard Castle, then wonders why they're [PC12 nob] despised.

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