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Whatever your opinions on the man himself (I actually find the fellow inoffensive to be honest) at least the subject matter of the Vine radio show is often interesting as are the show's guests. In the early days of Covid last March for example we found ourselves tuning in because one of the show's regular contributors was, and still is, Dr Margaret McCartney who has an ability of being interesting and informative on medical matters without overburdening the listener with doom and gloom or excessive technicalities.

Just this morning one of the show's guests was Jocelyn Bell Burnell who did most of the early exploratory work in discovering and understanding Pulsars only to have her 2 male supervisors unfairly get the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1974. If you have the time it is worth listening to her if you can find the Vine show on BBC catchup.

Right after the Vine show is the Steve Wright in the Afternoon show. Wright used to have an amusing spot on Radio 1 in the 80s. The offering these days could quite fairly I believe be described as vacuous froth (er, can froth be vacuous?) and each show is only slightly different from the previous one. He too is the undeserving recipient of the BBC's largesse with a salary far out of proportion to the skill of the man.

PS. how come Ive been listening to the Wright show for the last 2 hours FFS?

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