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I never really saw the point of the LAPL in the first place. We have only ever trained for 2 of them since its inception. It saves nothing in training and being sub ICAO is very restrictive. Instead of creating another licence it would have been better to have an appropriate medical level for the the ICAO PPL.....
I could not agree more. They saw sense for gliding about a year ago. There were two licences, the LAPL(S) and the Sailplane Pilots Licence (SPL) - the latter being ICAO compliant and equivalent to the PPL. Training was to the same syllabus, minor differences in privileges. Last year the LAPL(S) was discontinued and all LAPL(S) holders are now deemed to have an SPL. The minor differences in privileges remain - but they are now based on the type of medical certificate held. A Class 2 or higher medical gives the holder some privileges not available to a LAPL medical holder. Since the rules were changed prior to 31st December the UK now has only an SPL for glider pilots. (However, pilots can still fly unlicensed under BGA rules until this autumn when they will be discontinued in favour of the EASA based licensing system.)
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