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Well, I know that the controller was doing his best, and trying to help, but in a highly stressful time for the pilot, he saturated the pilot with helpful information, but it was still saturation. When the controller said you're 4 miles out, at 1100 feet, there was the big clue to everyone that the plane was not going to make it back to the airport power off. I'm guessing that a 421 descends at more than 1100 FPM power off. If it was being flown at even 120 knots (which I bet gets you much more than 1100 FPM), it'll only make it half way back. 'Sounds like it crashed just less than half way back. When you're committed to a forced landing, you may as well be realistic about where you can get to, and make a better job inside the comfortable glide range, rather than a stalled crash at the edge of the glide range. Knowing your comfortable glide range is important, even in a twin.
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