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Thanks for your replies. I’ve carried out a bit more research but it’s difficult not knowing what you’re looking for. I think now that I would be expected to plug my existing BT HH6 into the new FO modem and obviously that would provide the wifi signal throughout the house. It occurs to me that the limiting factor to overall connectivity and performance might/would be the wifi ‘data’ connection between my devices (which are few) and the HH.

Sitting in front of my iMac I believe I am currently getting a 70mbps download speed, certainly we have no difficulty streaming TV services around the house. It occurs to me that by going FTTP whilst I might get a nice big ‘fat’ connection to the BT infrastructure outside my house the limiting factor would actually be my in home. It would not be practical to run Ethernet cabling around the house and to be honest we are satisfied with the quality and reliability of our current FTTC service. Maybe I am chasing something I don’t really need?
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