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Following the creation of the EASA PPL (JAA before that) new elements were introduced and some of these were considered onerous. During the JAA period compliance was voluntary however and you could continue with the ICAO compliant UK PPL if you wished. EASA brought an end to this. To mitigate the effects of these changes the UK CAA created the sub ICAO UK NPPL. It was considered that the vast majority of UK private pilots didn't fly outside of the UK airspace, fly aircraft larger than two metric tonnes, rarely carried more than three passengers nor wished to fly in IMC.

Eventually EASA came to the same conclusion and the LAPL was created together with a specific medical for it. Nothing within the LAPL privileges and training is different, other than some minor detail, from the UK NPPL. There is therefore just one and only benefit to the LAPL, it gave privileges EU wide. Without EU wide benefits the LAPL is pointless to the UK because it added nothing above that of the UK NPPL.

It is outrageous that the EU are arbitrarily ceasing to recognize a licence of its own making and also bears its name, designed wholly to give privileges EU wide. It is to the credit of the UK that a two year grace period is granted which will allow bumps to be ironed out and allow time for licenses to be changed if the holder wishes. The EU has not reciprocated. The current Covid-19 cock ups and vaccination regime clearly demonstrates the dysfunction of the EU and its inability to act promptly and effectively other than to be pernicious.

The option now is for LAPL holders to obtain a NPPL with less demands on it and put the LAPL on the shelf, it is valid for life.
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