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Thank you for all the comments, there is a reason why I said fixed wing, as I'm sure the answer would be rotary if it were out of all RAF aircraft at the moment but it's just the fixed wing I'm interested in knowing about.

Low level isn't the be all and end all factor as I mentioned the other criteria and factors(most hours, most exciting and enjoyable to fly, what does the most low level these days, varied missions and roles) But obviously today, bar rotary, sadly there is generally little time spent down at low level. (Except for the Hercs and Hawk T1's)

"I donít think anybody would join the RAF to fly the Hawk T1 specifically" Oops as that's me... It's the closest thing to the flying in the era of the Phantom, Jaguar, Harrier, Hunter, Tornado...etc in my eyes?

Although I also feel it should be Typhoon or F-35 based off of previous fast jets, I think there is a stark difference between flying any fast jet today(In the RAF) and those of yesterday, not just in terms of low level time but what the experience is from a pilot's perspective, hands on flying, number of hours you fly per week/month/year, a raw and manual flying experience...etc

I thought the C-17's might do low level given what it can do and that the Americans and Australians seem to throw them around everywhere doing all sorts? Maybe the Herc does all that and is more interesting over here.

Thanks for the comments and opinions, I do appreciate them, although it seems quite conflicted.
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