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Best current RAF Aircraft

Hi all,

I would appreciate any opinions and info on my query below.

I would like to know what is the best fixed wing aircraft in the RAF to fly at the moment? In terms of piloting experience, ie, most hands on flying, most hours, most exciting and enjoyable to fly, what does the most low level these days..etc but also the varied missions and ops.

My guess would be one or more of the following(Excluding the BBMF fleet of course as they would top everything) : Hercules, Hawk T1, C-17, Shadow?

I would have expected it to be the Typhoon or F-35 but from what I've heard they hardly do any low level these days, they don't fly very often anyway and the flying is very automated and computer management based, ie a far cry from the Hawk T1 or Tornado, Jaguar, Harrier, Phantom...etc?
However please correct me if I'm wrong or have missed any out that tick the criteria above.


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