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I realise the "Spitfire women" tag has stuck, but it should be remembered that the ATA were also tasked with delivering multi engined aircraft such as Lancasters flying single pilot, with no help from a flight engineer, navigator etc, a much more impressive achievement than delivering a Spitfire.

I am certainly in admiration of this lady and her like, but I hope it wont seem churlish for me to mention that her male colleagues rarely get a mention, even though they represented over 80% of the strength of the ATA. In general these men were pilots who were considered too old for ops, and indeed the initials were said to stand for Ancient Tattered Airmen, so I guess that none of the chaps survive now.

I tried to put in a link to a film about the ATA but the link wouldn't work. If you are interested, go to You Tube and search for Air Transport Auxiliary - there are several on there

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