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Originally Posted by EXFIN View Post
A few of us are in the process of creating an online archive for all known aircraft movements at RAF Valley since 1941. ... Screenshots from logbooks would be gratefully received and anecdotal stories/events.
Such a shame as I lost some phots for a transit up to BUTEC mid-1980 with 2 or maybe 3 Sea Kings for some Torpedo Trials with 810 NAS. I have a few on the helipad at Kyle but had a whole batch from the BUTEC ranges + our stopover at Valley - all sadly lost when pipe split and soaked loads of stuff years later.

Plonked in at Valley with them as a baby trainee erk (lowest-of-the-low .... but 3 rungs down) and got "misplaced" and ended up with the aircrew at the "feeder" for lunch. Was temp promoted to Midshipman H 'n' H by one of the aircrew to sign in. Should have booked in as Admiral H 'n' H - it was the only way I could have made it to Flag rank!!!

Eventually conned the Queen into giving me a real Commission - but got nowhere near Admiral ..... sadly! Too much time enjoying myself rather than climbing the greasy pole! Ah, happy daze! H 'n' H
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