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Originally Posted by tarantonight View Post
Absolutely. Slavery and everything that went with it is quite clearly totally unacceptable today.

However, we must not erase history. What has happened, has happened and we cannot change it.

Look at the situation in Bristol currently, huge issues with Edward Colston who made his fortune partly from the Slave Trade. Wrong by today’s standards obviously, but at least 2 schools in the City are there because of him. Both very good schools. Sadly one has bottled it and will change its name, as has Colston’s Hall - a music venue of some note. Ludicrous.

His money also contributed to many other elements of the City still in being today.

Edward Coltston’s statue in Bristol was toppled recently whilst the Police stood by and watched (a whole different subject), but that doesn’t change history or make any difference in the long run.

Having watched Roots as a youngster 40 years or so ago - and read the book - the history is tragic, but it IS history. We cannot change it.

Banksy came up with a brilliant suggestion on how to appease those wanting the Edward Colston statue reinstalled and those not. He suggested remounting it at an angle and surrounded by cast figures with ropes around it in the process of toppling it. So those that want it reinstalling get their wish and those that don’t get a statue celebrating its toppling, a plaque would describe what was going on and why.

I thought it was a brilliant idea, totally out of the box.
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