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I certainly don't have an issue with preventing nose art or comments that are unacceptable today. But I do feel uncomfortable with attempts to change History, - especially if that historical name or title was important at the time.

For example - Wing Commander Guy Gibson VC who led the dams raid had a labrador dog which had a name which rightly would be unacceptable today. The dog was run over and killed a couple of hours before Gibson and 617 Squadron took off on the raid. Gibson requested that the dog be buried at about midnight that night, -about the time that he expected to be carrying out the raid. The radio call sign for a successful strike was changed to the name of the dog.

The story was well aired and subsequently a stone was placed over the spot where the dog was buried giving the story and the included the Dogs name. In these recent "Enlightened" times the stone has been changed I believe, and also some references now have changed the name of the dog.

As I said I fully accept that some things today are unacceptable. But is it right to alter historical facts?

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