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Originally Posted by ExAscoteer2 View Post
What UTTER drivel. You think it is acceptable to objectify women? I would suggest that says all I need to know about you.
What utter drivel of drivel that is utter of ahh, stdby Iíll get the Monty crowd to help with the script.

Couple of points my hurt friend. 1) I expressed my opinion. I did not attack you, which your thinly veiled post appears to do to me. By all means disagree with me. 2) Your target fixation is not commendable. There is a lot of aircraft art that has nothing to do with the opposite sex (lotís comes to mind of ďitlerĒ receiving numerous bombís, rocketís, bootís etc to the rear end) but still can be considered racy. Or are you for banning all aircraft art forms?


express (something abstract) in a concrete form.

"good poetry objectifies feeling"

One of the meanings of objectify. Point being who determines what good poetry is? Same as I donít know art but I know what I like. There is art that I find distasteful.

Last point. In case you missed it, I agreed with you. My point (oops another point) was that there is a lot of aircraft art that is part of history and that is racy. Trying to apply the social standards of today to yesterday is ludicrous. This brings up the discussion point of what is history? Ten, twenty, or thirty years ago?

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