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Klimax, trust me - I absolutely 100% agree with you. It really is sad! My only point is that it was inevitable. For even the local HK people, they also ended up "living a dream" under the shadow of the Union Jack - and, when the handover came, the UK thought - yet again - it would be "different" and sold it as such to expats - and to the locals. A total and utter lack of British political honesty - again!

My family left Rhodesia in 1970. We knew how it would end - the 3 local lads working for us knew how it would end - and they implored us to stay. To this day, I wonder how they got on - I'm ashamed as I don't know - but we let those 3 (and, of course, the 3 families they supported) down but saved our skins - and lost everything we had when we got on that plane with nothing but our British Passports and a suitcase each - and survived thanks to extended family who supported us initially once in the UK. Once Rhodesia was handed over, your likelihood of living - or dying - depended on your Tribe - period. Ask those who died as they plunged down mine shafts thanks to Mugabe and his "tribe". Not White Brits here - but Zimbabweans whose families had lived there for 1,000s of years - murdered by their own!

Despite what may befall HK and the locals, I suspect they'll fare far better than those in the "new" Zimbabwe - of who's regime, even the Chinese have been very wary of during their "colonization" of Africa over the past few decades! That's quite telling! I mean no offence - and wish those caught up in this all the best - but fighting it can be a dangerous game if you have no chance of winning - better to employ your skills and energy to make the best of the hand of cards that fate (& the UK government) has dealt you. As my kids proved, it is more than possible to survive in China. You just need to re-write the rules you live by. Better that than the bottom of a mine shaft in Africa.......

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