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It pains me to say it but the BBC doesn’t have to stray far from their front door to observe a failing society.

Winston Churchill once commented that democracy is the worst form of government except for all the others. You’d have to wonder what Winston would think of today’s democracies with their populist politicians who are swayed by whichever way the 24/7 news media and social media winds are blowing on any given day. Where democratically elected governments tear themselves down over any number of social issues from climate change to historical unions to gay rights to religious freedoms to trade agreements.

Then there’s the complete death of fiscal responsibility where money printing is the only answer to keep the house of cards from completely collapsing. This is countered by an opposition that promises the electorate that they’ll print even more. Short term this satisfies generation now, but long term it’s only increasing the wealth divide as asset prices increase and relatively speaking wages fall when valued against a worthless currency

There’s little doubt Hong Kong is on a slippery slope, but who isn’t?

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