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Originally Posted by lee_apromise View Post
Dude, you are missing the point. The point is he didn't follow the company regulations and policy. Whats so hard to understand about it? I get fired if I don't wear mask at the airport or in the cabin.
Fully agree. Rules were clear. He broke them. In Taiwan that means you're fined, fired and tarred & feathered by the media (if you really mess up you may feature in one of those cool CGI reanactments).

I'm not qualified to comment on the efficacy of masks (or any other measure put in place), but I can only compare the horrible statistics in Europe/UK/US vs. how Taiwan has fared so far. And based on that, my conclusion is that Taiwan got it right (Singapore/Korea/Mainland China to a large degree as well) and the enlightended West is doing it wrong.

When the pandemic hit Taiwan, the TW government simply asked us to keep our distance, wash our hands, and wear a flipping mask. And everybody did it - no questions asked. Their tried & tested contact tracing systems, developed from the hard lessons of SARS, did the rest and the country has fared very well. (7 fatalities so far; yes that's no typo)
When the pandemic hit Europe, everybody and their grandma suddenly became experts on PPE, rules were debated ad infinitum, and people did pretty much everything except following what their respective governments asked them to do. It's a travesty - the only fitting response is to jointly agree the West f'd this up, and start learning from countries like Taiwan to ensure we're ready for the next one.

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