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ATPL student with concerns for eyes sight


I am an integrated atpl student who is currently a class 1 medical holder with the CAA
I have completed my 14 east exams and am in the flying stage of my training, I have completed all of my solos and am starting the instrument phase of training

My worries are on loosing my medical due to my eye sight, the eyesight requirements are 6/6 binocular and 6/9 monocular for class 1

One of my eyes is 6/9 and just manages to scrape the requirement and the other is excellent with 6/6.

what happens if my weak eye goes below the required for class 1?

will I loose my medical and not be able to fly commercially? Ive heard that the CAA can be really helpful and put a restriction on my licence for mulitcrew only, is this true?

Any information would be greatly appreciated

thank you

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