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In the late 70s I was instructing on Condors out of Blackbushe. A very lively tailwheel aircraft which nearly took me out whilst stuck in a spin with a pupil.
Along comes a trail lesson in the shape of a glider pilot from Lasham who had done some power flying which had ended in a Stalagluft 30 odd years before. I still cringe at having said you are doing well considering the last time you flew power.
My daytime job was flying VC10s.
I had flown gliders a few years before but they were no where as demanding as early starships which were far more difficult to fly.

I discovered radio control aircraft to teach my son to fly..far more expensive than full size and several levels up on difficulty margins. I said many times if I die flying it will be from a heart attack whilst flying a model aircraft.

Glider aerobatics are far more difficult than those in power aircraft and more costly unless you happen to have a nice ridge, a club DG 505 and the mistral as at St.Remy en Provence. It is about management of energy and not brute force.

The club has the endurance record of 57 hours but after a couple of sleepy pilots crashed night flying was banned.

Paragliding and Hang gliding are two other extremely skilled and often costly flying disciplines with cross country distances of over 500km..regular altitude gains of 15,000ft with some going up to 20,000+.. two years ago there were 50 odd pilots who landed on the summit of Mont Blanc but one messed his launch up and the Gendarmes stopped further landings.
The problem with this general ignorance is that there are always know all know nothings who like to have their opinions heard which is why I have several thousand hours paragliding as I do not have to belong to a club and listen to these fellows (I belong to two at the moment but fly alone).
I occasionally requalify on gliders to fly my grandkids but at a professional club with a CFI who knows me and accepts my judgement.
As to a couple of willy waving comments you obviously are of the démena with a narrow comfort takes all types and there is a place for everyone in aviation..except for high G spiral dives I will not do aerobatics with a paraglider..hundreds do..and whilst many think they are mad it’s about skill level. What I do do is climb mountains and fly over unknown terrain to where ever the wind takes me...something a lot of pilots are frightened of.

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