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I can relate to that a little....

some years back while working in the tiny pacific island of Fiji , I took part in a yacht race to a tiny island way off shore and
decided to spend the night ashore after the usual celebratory drinks , had my jeans/t-shirt on to fend off the mosquitos and went to sleep under the tropical stars in a hamock.....only to be awakened in the middle of a VERY dark night by strange movements INSIDE my jeans , picture this...2 large native rats crawling up trouser leg to crotch area , wearer of trousers wakes up and rats decide to flee , hard to do now since wearer of trousers is now sprinting/screaming through shrubs and bush in pitch black darkness while trying to remove rats via open zipper....managed to get one of them out and "chuck" it away ("propelled" is a better word) before tripping/falling aver and squashing the other , result..?..gonads and bum all warm an squishy now from soft limp furry creature and its previously internal assets.

still got the scars on my legs from the tearing shrubs and i can still hear the bellowing laughter from 30 other people who came to the "rescue".....some of whom may even be reading this [email protected]

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