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I mustíve read a different set of regs to many here. Iím not seeing the issue. Itís largely the status quo, no?

To those of you making Armageddon type posts, what is the problem here? BA can wet lease in an Air France plane and crew if they want. Just like before Brexit.

As already mentioned, thereís no significant, if any at all, market for non-U.K. airlines to operate solely U.K. domestic routes. Any EU airline that wants to do that, will have to get a U.K. AOC. Which already happens; Ryanair, Aer Lingus, Wizz, Norwegian, etc.

Also, IAG is not an airline. Someone mentioned that as a particular issue. Iberia is permitted too fly MAD-LHR under these new regs just like pre-Brexit.

These regs even say personnel licensing will be recognised etc.

Again, other than minor rule tweaks just to make this Brexit deal look real and genuine, what is the issue here with these new rules?
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